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HP project
A PoC (proof of concept or demo) was developed for an important telco company in Colombia to show the capabilities of HP Service Activator (HPSA).

Scenario: Activation of services for subscribers in two different network elements by receiving requests from a customer center.

Implementing the business logic in workflows to activate services in the network elements.
Creating an inventory to store connection data of the network´s elements and capabilities of the services.
Creating and implementing a northbound interface using REST web services capable of receiving and processing activation requests from external systems (for example: CRM).
Creating two plug-ins based on java to communicate with the following network elements:
One plug-in to send, via socket, commands with ASN1 format.
One plug-in where a Tuxedo Client (Oracle Middleware Technology) was created and implemented.
Showing the capacity to solve and handle a high number of TPS (Transactions Per Second).

Results: The client gave a satisfactory approval to the HPSA capabilities. This allowed HP to maintain a good position to win the project.

The migration of an in-house solution from a telecommunication company was used to incorporate new technology (GSM), by using HPSA.
Just CDMA services were provided.
The costumer planed to integrate and provide GSM services.
The Current in-house solution could not be adjusted to reuse the current implementation, but a complete new solution was required exclusively for the new services, with the risk that this new implementation could isolate from current or future services.
New activation processes were created for GSM services, by using HPSA.
Implemented GSM processes were reused to migrate and provide CDMA services through HPSA.
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